Congo River:
Users, Hydrodynamics and Geomorphology


Share Experience 

To share experience from research initiatives and experiments in the Congo basin as well as other large rivers of Africa and the world

what next

To establish the current status and progress made in understanding river water dynamics and processes in the Congo basin, and identify future directions of science development for the basin


To disseminate the results of the CRUHM research activities to a wider community of researchers, managers and users


To stimulate partnership, networking and create opportunities for future investments in research and development for the Congo basin

Thematic areas

Congo River 2020 will be held under the main theme: “Congo River: Users, Hydrodynamics and Geomorphology”, and will encompass the following three thematic areas :

  • Hydrology and Climate

  • Hydraulics, Geomorphology and Sediment transport

  • Water Uses and Governance

These thematic areas are open to research utilising a wide range of methods including field, laboratory, modelling and remote sensing approaches. Quantitative and qualitative social science approaches will also be of considerable interest in addressing aspects of climate-water-migration-conflicts in the Congo River Basin.


The conference will also provide a number of short training sessions such as :

  • Application of acoustic Doppler technology in large rivers (with field measurements on main stem of the Congo River)

  • Application of the Pitman hydrology model

  • Application of Lisflood hydrodynamic model

  • HYFLOOD for flood risks assessment

  • Sediment sampling framework for large rivers

  • Water Security: Climate-Water-Migration-Conflicts in the Congo River Basin